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    Dear Sailors

    Nice going Dad!

    Dec 12th, 2001.

    Dear Sailors,

    My girl friend and I were watching a movie about the navy.
    They killed a bunch of bad guys.
    Do you get to kill bad guys?
    My dad killed people when he was a marine.
    He said navy doesn't kill people, they just give
    blow jobs.
    You are the best navy and I'm sure you do the best blow jobs.

    Your friend,
    Spirello any one?

    Ps: Dear Sailors, do you have like chick navy there? can I have her number?

    Pss: Nita, since your bf sails for months, do you see any difference in him lately like really enjoying pop sickles? fish sticks? or 1901? dont beat me up, joking okeh!


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